The “Behind-the-Scenes” of HB 24-1267

Kristi Pollard

When the legislators behind HB 24-1267 approached the Metro District Education Coalition (MDEC) in January of this year interested in our take on their proposed reforms for Metro Districts, some might have expected resistance. After all, metro district and foreclosures are not two words anyone likes to see together, especially while pairing in public discourse. However, MDEC’s response might surprise you.


Foreclosures are not common within metro districts, but the presence of that possibility necessitated a proactive approach and response from MDEC. Reps. Iman Jodeh, and Jennifer Bacon, and Sens. James Coleman and Chris Hansen, the bill’s authors, approached us with a genuine interest and an open mind, eager to get our temperature and suggestions on how to tackle this sensitive issue.


Months of close collaboration ensued. Our working together was built on the shared goal of protecting residents and maintaining the aesthetic and functional integrity of communities that metro districts enable. The result of having all stakeholders engaged in the process was a well-constructed piece of legislation that stands as a model for commonsense and mutual understanding. HB 24-1267 is a bill that achieves exactly what the authors intended and aligns with MDEC’s commitment to homeowner protection, transparency, and accountability.


As we said when the bill passed the Senate, this legislation preserves a community's ability to enforce important covenants while also eliminating the dreaded step of foreclosing on homes for fee-related issues. This is a very significant step towards ensuring that a families’ financial security isn’t placed at risk and showcases MDEC’s commitment to protect residents and ensure that metro districts operate with the highest standards of transparency and accountability.


With the Governor’s signature, the constructive relationship that was forged with the bill’s authors is a frank reminder that progress is often the result of open dialogue and the willingness to engage with differing perspectives. HB 24-1267 didn’t just emerge because one side was looking to get even; it grew from a good intention and a clear vision for the future of metro districts. This legislation doesn’t just change the letter of the law—it reinforces the safeguarding of our residents' well-being and community values are what will endure.  

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