Empowering Real Estate Professionals with Continuing Education Course Credits

Kristi Pollard

As a real estate professional in Colorado, it's critical to stay informed about the many aspects of the industry. Did you know that Colorado has implemented a continuing education requirement in order to maintain an active real estate license?


Indeed, a real estate license is good for three years in Colorado, and during that three-year period, you must also complete 24 hours of continuing education credits. At MDEC, we understand the importance of continuing education and are excited to announce our new course offerings specifically for the real estate community.


Across Colorado, cities and counties are increasingly utilizing metro districts to finance important developments and provide the amenities homeowners desire, such as parks, trails, and pools. Metro districts also help provide public infrastructure like roads, sewer systems, and sidewalks that communities need to thrive.


As part of MDEC's continuing education curriculum, our courses aim to help real estate professionals gain a deeper understanding of metro districts, including their creation, financing, and the laws that govern them.


In our comprehensive program, we cover the following key topics:


●      What is a metro district?

●      Why are metro districts used?

●      How are metro districts financed?

●      What are the laws that govern metro districts?

●      Helpful tools to find information about your metro district


MDEC's classes are sanctioned by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Real Estate and will count towards these essential credits. Join us at MDEC and unlock the power of metro district education today!


To learn more about our course offerings and how to enroll, please email us at metrodistricteducation@gmail.com.


We look forward to helping you expand your knowledge and excel in your real estate career.

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